Why give to CVCCN?

CVCCN strives towards excellence in clinical practice, administration, and training. Your gifts enriches the experience of clinicians of color by supporting efforts to recruit, mentor, and train clinicians of color, expand programs, and respond to the emerging needs of our local community.

We acknowledge that the lack of visibility by individuals outside of the culture results in discrimination, bias, racism, oppression, and marginalization, leading to , inequity, physical and mental health disparities, reduced access to high quality care, and cultural stigma. CVCCN addresses the need of our communities of color by providing high quality, culturally responsive care through honoring the values, attitudes, and behaviors of all cultures, which are often not visible to or easily understood by individuals outside the culture. 

CVCCN recognizes that it takes a village to grow and sustain a community where individuals of color can grow and thrive. Your support helps us to change lives.

To Donate:

make checks payable to:
Central Virginia Clinicians of Color Network
1101 East High Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902


What your donations support

High Quality Mental Health Care

Group & Social Support

Community Healing & Resilience

Equity & Social Justice

Education & Outreach

Recruitment & Development